IMDB: tt0842723
Detective Girls in BondageLinda, a plucky female detective uncovers a white slavery ring and immediately calls for backup. Before help can arrive, the brunette beauty is overpowered, gagged and bound - the better to serve as bait for her blonde partner. When Katie discovers her partner tied to a chair and silenced with a thick cloth, she immediately tries to untie her, only to be surprised and chloroformed by gang members who had been lying in wait. While the thugs amuse themselves with their new lovely victims, Tasha, another detective, trails her partners to their place of captivity. She encounters a woman leaving the building who convinces Tasha that she's fleeing the slavers. When Tasha lets down her guard, the "fleeing" woman grabs the detective and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. When Christina learns that three female-detectives have disappeared she immediately searches for the missing damsels. Tracking the slavers to their hideout she arrests one, only to be overcome by a second villain lurking behind her. In the final scene Linda and Katie are bound and gagged wearing skimpy bikinis. They are forced to endure a determined fondling as the white slavers videotape them for potential buyers.