Season 1Episode 136 - Clara Feels That No One Even Dares to Support Nor Believe HerEpisode 135 - Clara Is Surprised to See Alvira Coming to Mara´s AidEpisode 134 - Mara´s Accident Drives Everyone to Isla VerdeEpisode 133 - Alvira Suffers as She Goes Down Deep as Gary´s New GirlfriendEpisode 132 - Gary Fully Believes in Alvira´s Love for HimEpisode 131 - Clara Tries to Manipulate Everyone for Her Own GoodEpisode 130 - Alvira Is Willing to Hurt Her Loved Ones for Now Just to Prove Gary´s Criminal ActsEpisode 129 - Christian Starts to Get Jealous with Derick and Mara´s ClosenessEpisode 128 - Derrick Admits His True Feelings for MaraEpisode 127 - Amante Wonders Why Alvira Chose to Be Closer with GaryEpisode 126 - Clara Goes Back to Her Old Mean WaysEpisode 125 - Will Clara Keep Mum on Susan and Mara´s Hiding Place?Episode 124 - Alvira Continue to Shadow and Manipulate Gary´s Actions to Find Evidence Against HimEpisode 123 - Susan and Mara Can´t Hide in Isla Verde ForeverEpisode 122 - Will Christian Lead Clara to Susan and Mara´s Hiding Place?Episode 121 - Clara Is Stuck with Her Father´s Evil TricksEpisode 120 - The del Valle´s Plans Against Gary Are UnveiledEpisode 119 - Still Stuck in Jail, Amante Fears the Worst for His FamilyEpisode 118 - Susan and Mara Face New Challenges as Restaurant EmployeesEpisode 117 - What Will Derick´s Role Be in Mara´s Life?Episode 116 - Gary Makes Sure That He Is Always Near Alvira´s SideEpisode 115 - Gary Suspects That Susan Is Keeping a Big Secret from HimEpisode 114 - Clara Asks Herself How Long She Can Keep Gary´s SecretEpisode 113 - Mara´s Heart Breaks as Her Family SuffersEpisode 112 - Amante Asks the Public for Help in Finding MaraEpisode 111 - People Start to Believe That Mara Can Still Be AliveEpisode 110 - Amante and Alvira Doubt Mara´s DeathEpisode 109 - Clara Still Insists on Living with the del VallesEpisode 108 - Amante Tries to Find Evidence to Pin the Kidnap and Murder Case to GaryEpisode 107 - Mara Wants to Go Back to the City to Check on Lola LupeEpisode 106 - Lupe´s Conscience Is Forcing Her to Tell Gary´s SecretEpisode 105 - Gary Reacts to His Mother´s SuspicionsEpisode 104 - Christian and Mara Continue to Hide Away from Danger in the ProvinceEpisode 103 - Mara Is Very Excited to Meet Her Savior, UtoyEpisode 102 - Quite Surprised at Seeing Him in the Province, Mara Runs After Christian in a Public MarketEpisode 101 - Lupe Suspects That Clara Knows Something about the Recent MishapsEpisode 100 - Clara Still Suspects Her Father as the Mastermind Behind the KidnappingEpisode 99 - Mara Tries to Remember What Really Happened to HerEpisode 98 - Amante Works with the Police to Identify Mara and Clara´s KidnappersEpisode 97 - Clara´s Guilt Goes Haywire with Mara´s DeathEpisode 96 - Tears Drop at Mara´s BurialEpisode 95 - Alvira Reacts Hysterically on the Sudden Turn of Events in Their LivesEpisode 94 - Amante Goes to the Media to Ask the Public for Help to Save Mara and ClaraEpisode 93 - Mara Runs Away from Her KidnappersEpisode 92 - Will Mara Leave Clara Behind to Escape on Her Own?Episode 91 - Gary Goes Crazy After Seeing His Men Kidnapped His Daughter by MistakeEpisode 90 - Gary Comes Up with a Plan to Stop the del Valles from Going AbroadEpisode 89 - To Avoid Further Conflict, the del Valles Decides to Go to AmericaEpisode 88 - Everybody Is Quite Surprised with Clara´s Sudden Change of HeartEpisode 87 - Amante Tells Gary That He Will Transfer Mara to Another School Next Year So as to Avoid More Inter-Family ConflictEpisode 86 - Clara Schemes Away to Push Her Mothers Against Each OtherEpisode 85 - Clara Lock Christian and Mara Inside the Storage RoomEpisode 84 - Gary Puts a Threat to Mara´s Life to Avenge Her DaughterEpisode 83 - Clara Wants Christian to Pity Her to Win His HeartEpisode 82 - Clara Shies Away from Her Friends After Realizing Her Present StateEpisode 81 - How Long Can Susan Stand Clara´s Stubbornness?Episode 80 - Alvira Asks Amante for an AnnulmentEpisode 79 - Clara Plays with Mara´s Feelings by Assuring Her That the del Valle´s Love for Her Is InevitableEpisode 78 - Gary´s Patience Goes Beyond It´s Limit with ClaraEpisode 77 - Clara Barges in Mara´s Party After Being Disappointed from Her OwnEpisode 76 - Clara Is Having a Hard Time Embracing Being a DavidEpisode 75 - Mara and Clara are Forced to Live with Their Real ParentsEpisode 74 - Gary and the del Valle´s Need to Resort to Legal Actions to Get Custody of Mara and ClaraEpisode 73 - The Ultimate Secret Involving Mara and Clara Twist Their FaithEpisode 72 - Mara Suffers in Jail for a Crime She Never IntendedEpisode 71 - Clara is Rushed to the HospitalEpisode 70 - Lupe´s Excitement to Hug Her Real Granddaughter Leads to Another Mara and Clara SquabbleEpisode 69 - Gary Makes Sure That She Will Be a Part of Clara´s LifeEpisode 68 - Faith Keeps Mara and Clara at Each Other Paths as They Vie for Top HonorsEpisode 67 - Amante is Bothered by the P20,000 Cash Advance Made by ClaraEpisode 66 - Clara Nervously Awaits for the Results of the DNA TestEpisode 65 - Clara´s Disappointment with Her Parents Leads Her into Initiating a DNA Test with GaryEpisode 64 - Trying to Gain Her Daughter´s Affection, Gary Reaches Out to ClaraEpisode 63 - Vanessa Asks Clara to Keep Her Son, Christian Away from MaraEpisode 62 - Clara Forces Mara to Do Different Household Chores One After the OtherEpisode 61 - Mara Had Enough of Clara´s Bullying and Starts to Fight BackEpisode 60 - Much to Clara´s Dismay, Amante and Alvira Come to School for Mara´s AidEpisode 59 - Clara Continues to Pin the Exam Cheating to MaraEpisode 58 - Clara´s Scheme Goes the Other Way When Christian Saves Mara from Alleged CheatingEpisode 57 - Who Will Amante and Alvira Believe After Catching Mara and Clara in a Fight?Episode 56 - Clara´s Jealousy Hypers Up as She Targets Alvira´s Gift for Mara´s MomEpisode 55 - Clara Makes Sure That Mara Won´t Be a Part of the Print AdEpisode 54 - Alvira Presents Mara as an Image ModelEpisode 53 - Clara Seizes the Opportunity to Humiliate Mara Now That She is Back in Their HouseEpisode 52 - Clara Refuses to Believe that Gary is her Real FatherEpisode 51 - Gary Insists on Leaving to Keep His Family SafeEpisode 50 - After Carlo´s Death, Will Gary Have the Heart to Tell Mara the Truth?Episode 49 - Gary Protects Carlo´s Secret No Matter WhatEpisode 48 - Gary Needs to Get to Carlo Right Away to Save Him from DeathEpisode 47 - Clara Loses the Trust of People Around HerEpisode 46 - Clara´s Jealousy Peaks as Her Parent´s Affection for Mara Gets StrongerEpisode 45 - Amante and Gary Spearhead the Search for MaraEpisode 44 - Gary Shows Up in the School´s Father and Daughter CampEpisode 43 - Amante Joins Clara and Stands as Mara´s Dad in Their Father and Daughter CampEpisode 42 - Clara Manipulates the Basketball Team to Be Against MaraEpisode 41 - Clara Makes Sure That Mara Will Be Tormented as Long She Stays in Their HouseEpisode 40 - Alvira Asks Susan and Mara to Stay in Their House for the MeantimeEpisode 39 - Clara Tells Christian to Visit Mara in the HospitalEpisode 38 - After Visiting in the Hospital, Alvira Asks Clara to Apologize to MaraEpisode 37 - Clara Confides Her Problems with Mara to GaryEpisode 36 - Erris Convinces Christian to Court MaraEpisode 35 - Clara Makes Sure that Christina Won´t Be Able to Contact His FatherEpisode 34 - Mara and Christian Spend More Time TogetherEpisode 33 - Jealousy Strikes Clara When She Sees Mara and Christian TogetherEpisode 32 - Alvira is Still Confused Why Mara Has the Same Medallion Like HersEpisode 31 - Karlo Surprisingly Scolds Mara for Losing the Medallion Which Made Gary Very SuspiciousEpisode 30 - Clara Makes Sure That She Wins the ElectionsEpisode 29 - Gary Orders Mara to Withdraw from School ElectionsEpisode 28 - Alliances and Schemes Play Out in the Midst of School ElectionsEpisode 27 - Tension is in the Air as Mara and Clara Both Vie for School Batch PresidentEpisode 26 - Mara Starts to Work as a Food Vendor in Christian´s CafeEpisode 25 - Susan Asks Carlo to Follow Gary to Make Sure That He is Not Back to His Criminal WaysEpisode 24 - Amante Wobbles When Clara Confronts Him about His InfidelityEpisode 23 - Gary and Amante React Differently When Clara Joins the Davids for DinnerEpisode 22 - A Very Disappointed Clara Confronts Amante and Compares the Attention She Gets from Gary and His Own FatherEpisode 21 - Desiree´s Plan to Bring Down Clara Succeeds But Takes a Toll as Gary Kidnap and Torture Her for RevengeEpisode 20 - Mara Tries to Convince Clara That Being Queen Bee Doesn´t Necessarily Mean That She Has to Be Mean to EveryoneEpisode 19 - Clara Reinstates Herself as the Queen Bee of Their School and Threatens Desiree Never to Threaten Her Leadership AgainEpisode 18 - Karlo Deals with His Guilt as He Keeps Mara´s True Identity from His FamilyEpisode 17 - Despite Being Freed from Jail, Gary Returns to Being a CriminalEpisode 16 - Susan Discovers Gary´s Job and Asks Him to Stop for Their Family´s SakeEpisode 15 - Gary Finally Meets ClaraEpisode 14 - Clara Learns of the Past Between Alvira and GaryEpisode 13 - Gary Comes Out of JailEpisode 12 - Clara´s Friends Humiliate MaraEpisode 11 - Clara Invites Mara to Her Slumber PartyEpisode 10 - Susan Finally Learns to Go Against Lola LupeEpisode 9 - Clara Defends Mara from Her FriendsEpisode 8 - Mara and Christian Join the Same School OrganizationEpisode 7 - Alvira and Susan Bond to Make Up for Lost TimeEpisode 6 - Mara and Clara Team Up to Win a School CompetitionEpisode 5 - The Tension Between Mara and Clara Starts to IntensifyEpisode 4 - Mara Tries to Be Friends with ClaraEpisode 3 - Mara and Clara Lead Contrasting LivesEpisode 2 - Carlo Keeps His Deepest Secret Inside His DiaryEpisode 1 - Alvira and Susan Give Birth at the Same Time to Two Baby Girls