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42: Jackie Robinson Breaks the Color BarrierOver the past 200 years, many battles have been waged in the name, of Liberty. Whether they were fought on bloody fields of war, or the freshly mowed lawn of a baseball stadium, this film celebrates the tenacity of ordinary human beings, who have taken extraordinary measures to ensure that they leave the world a better place. This film explores Jackie Robinson's historic struggle to enter Major League sports as the first African American player of the modern era. Legendary Hall of Fame Broadcaster, Ernie Harwell, hosts this documentary film and describes the extreme pressures of prejudice, racism and hatred that his friend, Jackie Robinson endured during the late 1940's. This film features: 1968 World Champion Detroit Tigers, Gates "Gator" Brown and Jim Price, Curtis Granderson (New York Yankees), Rodd Allen (1984 World Champion Detroit Tigers) and Jackie Robinson's daughter, Sharon Robinson (Author).