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Love Child S1E8
S1E8 - Episode 8
Patricias resolve to keep her baby is strained when her delivery day is imminent and theres still no sign of her fiancÚ Robert. (Martha and Viv have come to believe that the elusive Robert may not even exist). Martha offers Patricia a Plan B: come and live with her and they can raise the child together. Its a huge relief for Patricia. As the girls plan for life after Stanton House, everyones stunned when Robert suddenly arrives. But Patricias joy turns to anger when he admits the reason for his long absence. With Johnny on the run, Shirley moves in with her husband, Colin, to ensure her baby can have the operation he needs.Meanwhile, Annies outrage about the fact that McNaughton adopted her baby is deepened when she realises that it may be very difficult to get the baby back. Joan and Phillip have collected evidence for a legal challenge but its apparent the process may take years. Feeling she has no alternative, Annie kidnaps her baby from the McNaughtons house.A frantic search by the McNaughtons and Joan sees loyalties questioned and friendships pushed to the brink.
Aired on 2014-04-07
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Love Child S01E08

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